Power Distribution Unit

As a data center professional, your date center needs to be measured and monitored the power usage. It"s the first step to knowing what you need to do to improve data center power efficiency and act on your company"s green initiatives.

Monitoring and reporting on data center energy consumption have become expected in today’s energy conscious world and we have the most affordable and comprehensive solution on the market.

Our products consolidates PDU, temperature monitoring, dry contact (sensor), UPS detect, web page management, message, e-mail, and SNMP functions together to enable MIS staff to be informed with the power supply, external temperature of equipment, and thereby to remotely deal with the relevant problems through Internet. In this way, problems can be solved timely, helping to reduce the losses of enterprises, while MIS staff can save time without commuting between two places.


Monitoring and management of the computer equipment room.
Intelligent power management of data center equipment.
Monitoring and management of the wireless LAN access point.
Networking equipment management and monitoring.
Other power equipment management and monitoring.