ZIF to Board for ED-P cable

ZIF to Board for ED-P Cable

Old Type Connection

   Set Up Method
FPC焊接方式-1  1. Solder the wire to the FPC 
FPC焊接方式-2  2. Connect 
   Application Method
    Method A
Camera Module
Camera module connect to Motherboard by wire cable, but is requires more labor costs for arrange cable or assembly of narrow borderdesign in laptop.
    Method B FPC焊接方式
FPC welding to wire cable is benefit for narrow border design, but that be higher cost of twice welding.
The method is reducing the wiring process by welding FPC and wire cable, that is a good way for narrow border design but need twice welding cost.



New Design Diagram Illustrated

WTB of
Board Side
New ZIF connector configuration
New Type
Connector of ZIF 

Optimization Design

   New Type Connection After Optimization
 New Connectot
 for FPC to Wire 
 Board Side  New type connector assembly method-1 1. Connect with   
the board Side 
on the module. 
ew type connector assembly method-2
 WTB Board Side on
Camera module
New Type
2. Put FPC into the 
ZIF Connector    
3. Put the other side of      
FPC into motherboard    
from board side WTB     
directly to finish connect.



   Description connector after optimization

ZIF New type connector Application Method
The new type connector can matting camera module WTB board side to FPC connector on Motherboard by FPC both ends, and than without the need for two soldering operations.

ZIF New type connector assembly drawing
Through new connector that without soldering by FPC connect to board side on camera module.

Practical application diagram of the new connector

FPC new connector photos-1  FPC to Zif Connector 
FPC new connector photos-2  Zif to Board side WTB